Soundtoys has launched a limited time promotion on a selection of its audio plugins as part of a “Beat Loop Manipulation Week” promotion.

Beat loops are the bedrock of electronic music and the backbone of hip-hop. For decades, they’ve significantly influenced the development and intersection of other genres and subgenres including dance, pop, R&B, and reggaeton.

The primitive beat loop was created by manipulating tape, but the advent of digital technology has propelled this art into a new dimension. Modern beat magic isn’t simply chopping, splicing, reversing, and looping – it involves altering sound elements to create unique rhythmic patterns. With advanced software and high-quality tools, musicians and producers can create intricate, layered beats once unimaginable.

Bop along as we dive into a week of beat loop manipulation using Soundtoys effects and get inspired to contribute to the ever-evolving sound of contemporary music.

During the promotion, the following plugins are on sale at up to 80% off regular:

The offer is available until April 9th, 2023, at distributor Plugin Boutique and from the Soundtoys store.