Beat has announced that the latest edition of its magazine includes plugins from W.A. Production and KV331 Audio, alongside 2GB of symphonic instruments for EDM.

Acoustic and electric basses, as well as synth basses, are a challenge to mix, because they have to stand up against drums and other instruments and provide a gripping groove. Fundamental Bass by W.A. Production helps to give your lowend a tighter and punchier sound in just a few steps. This combines multiband compression and stereo imaging, as well as tube saturation and distortion, in one intuitive interface.

The BE edition of KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster 2 is an excellent sounding subtractive synth. Its strength lies in the flexible oscillators with countless waveforms, which are “alienated“ by two FM-modulators. High-quality effects and an inspiring arpeggiator may not be missing either. This makes fat unison sounds just as possible as brilliant or creaky digital sounds and complex soundscapes.

The Trap Orchestra expansion for Zampler includes a collection of 116 strings, cellos, double basses, marimbas, xylos and nasty 808 subs, for EDM, Trap, Grime and all styles that need massive symphonic sounds.

Beat Magazine features 100 pages of reviews, workshops, tutorials, interviews and scene buzz for producers as well as 13 GB of sound and software. Issue 05/2021 is available for $6.95 USD as single PDF issue or as subscription at Plugins-Samples.

More information: Beat Magazine