Sour Sync aka Callum Rose wrote in to share a free and royalty-free creative sample pack made from sounds of an old van.

Callum went to the home in Spain where he grew up, and recorded sounds from the Bedford Rascal van that his dad used to drive from England to Spain.

Back in London, the Croydon-based producer, songwriter and musician took the recordings and made a collection of dry loops and one shots, processed samples and creative loops.

Tucked away in an orange orchard in the Southern Spanish Mountains,
There lies a van.

And though her battery is dead,
There is life in her yet.

The pack includes 96 loops and samples in 24-bit WAV format:

  • 26 Creative Loops.
  • 6 Dry Loops.
  • 18 Dry One Shots.
  • 38 One Shots.

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More information: Sour Sync