Bedroom Producers Blog has launched the BPB Christmas Giveaway 2014, a chance to win plug-ins and sound packs from 16 sponsors.

After a year full of giveaways on BPB, it’s time for the grand finale. One final giveaway of 2014 to rule them all! I am very happy to present BPB Christmas Giveaway 2014 with 35 amazing prizes for 35 lucky BPB readers!

I have to say that, although I really enjoy organizing giveaways for you guys and girls, I always feel a bit sour in the end because only a couple of entrants can win a prize and the others are left empty handed. That’s why I’ve decided to take things to the extreme this Christmas, organizing a giveaway with 35 winners. It will be a HUGE task to organize and manage, but hey… What should Santa say then?

The giveaway includes prizes from Image-Line, Sugar Bytes, u-he, Cableguys, and many more. The giveaway ends January 7th, 2015, 23:59 GMT.

More information: Bedroom Producers Blog / Christmas Giveaway 2014