Beetlecrab has introduced a firmware update for its boutique multi-sample, 16-voice polyphonic granular synthesizer that allows for full hands-on approaches to both live performance and sound design.

Version 2.0 comes with numerous new features and bug fixes to polish and streamline Tempura‘s workflow while further expanding its possibilities.

Eight audio samples are arranged in columns, one next to the other. Placing and moving grain emitters on the grid, thousands of playheads can travel across the surface to build up delicate grain clouds, chopped breakbeats, dramatic orchestra scores and lush soundscapes – even all at the same time.

Tempera’s powerful granular engine can produce movements, loops, chaotic scatters, and organized rhythms, all with precise scrubbing or broad sprays.

Changes in Tempera firmware v2.0

  • Per-emitter FX send level: Adjust the amount of effects applied to each emitter for eg. better separation of percussive and tonal sounds. Layering complex sounds has become much easier.
  • Double the amount of modulators: From 5 per voice to 10 per voice.
  • Relative X and Y scrubbing: Easily grain-scrub in two dimensions across the touch grid surface. Perfect pairing for the Tempera concept.
  • Adjustable LED and emitter colors: Personalize the look of your Tempera, including having better color separation for those of us with a different color perception.
  • Improved onboard keyboard: The new chromatic piano-like keyboard layout has better usability and clear visual feedback for standalone operation.
  • Quantized random grain detune: Grains’ random detune can now be quantized to fifths, octaves, or both, providing a natural shimmer or extra harmony.
  • Reverb upgrade: The new reverb algorithm provides richer and smoother reflections, and faster diffuse properties. Perfect for lush and wide soundscapes.
  • Modulator visualization: Modulators now provide improved visual feedback so it’s easier to get a clear picture of their behavior.
  • Stable and reliable MIDI clock sync: Improved clock BPM detection, MIDI clock sync is now durable and reliable.
  • Canvas quicksave: Save your project (“canvas” in Tempera lore) immediately with a quick and handy shortcut.
  • New shortcut for emitter editing: Newly added shortcut makes it easier to edit, cycle and organize emitter configurations.
  • New global MIDI channel parameter: Integrate Tempera easily into a bigger setup, while allowing for per-emitter MIDI channels.
  • Delay upgrade: A dot mode is added, along with smoother filter coloring
  • Bug fixes & polishing.

Beetlecrab has also announced that its Gallery online space dedicated to user-created patches is coming out of beta status, and is now open to all as a source of creativity and inspiration.

Tempera is available to purchase for 670 EUR / $720 USD excl. shipping and taxes where applicable. Owners of Tempera can download the latest firmware update at no charge.

More information: Beetlecrab