Behringer U-CONTROL UMX250

Behringer has announced the U-CONTROL UMX Series, 25-/49-/61-key USB/MIDI controller keyboards with USB/audio interface, 100 software instruments, 50 VST effects and energyXT2.5 Compact Behringer Edition software.

The UMX MIDI Controller Series are master keyboards with built-in USB connectivity for MIDI and control sections suited for a wide range of uses. These controllers also come with an additional USB/Audio interface, the UCA222, for monitoring applications. Each UMX keyboard provides independent control of hardware synthesizers or general MIDI sound modules and effects devices, and can operate sequencing software or computer plug-ins from a convenient remote location. The UMX series can be powered via USB, 3 AA batteries, or an optional external power supply.

Each model provides eight (8) knobs, 10 assignable switches, two (2) wheels (Pitch Bend & Modulation), one pedal port and one fader, for a total of 22 assignable controllers. Once parameters are assigned for a particular scenario, they can be stored in the UMX Series’ user preset. These controllers include more than 100 virtual instruments and more than 50 effects plug-ins. They come with Native Instruments’ KORE PLAYER and its production-ready 300 MB sound library, energy XT2.5 Compact BEHRINGER Edition music production software, and more. The UMX series is designed for both live performance and studio use.

The U-CONTROL UMX Series are coming soon, priced at MSRP (excl. tax):

  • UMX250: $149.99 USD/99 EUR
  • UMX490: $189.99 USD/119 EUR
  • UMX610: $219.99 USD/149 EUR

More information: Behringer