Behringer X32

Behringer has announced the X32, a new digital mixer.

When you’re ready to make the jump from tic-tac-toe to chess, pay us a visit. The X32 represents BEHRINGER’s domination strategy in the digital mixing tournament of champions and we’re confident that a checkmate isn’t far behind.

Join us at NAMM booth 6756 to shake hands with our grandmaster. It’s your move.

X32 features

  • Total recall.
  • 32 channels with inserts.
  • 16 mix busses with inserts.
  • 6 aux sends and returns.
  • 8 stereo FX returns.
  • 6 matrix mixers with inserts.
  • 6 mute groups.
  • 8 DCA groups.
  • Full-recording / multi-channel networking via FW/USB expansion cards*.
  • 48-channel “digital snake” via ultra-low latency AES-50 ports*.
  • Fully programmable, high-end mic preamps.
  • 25 low-noise 100mm motorized faders.
  • Super-easy user-interface with direct access.
  • No confusing menus.
  • High-resolution 7″ colour TFT display.
  • Individual LCD displays per channel, DCA and Bus.
  • Full dynamics and EQ per channel, busses and matrices.
  • Adjustable line-delays on all inputs and outputs.
  • Virtual FX rack with 8 FX slots.
  • Powerful scene management for shows.
  • On-board recorder for uncompressed WAV files on USB flash drive.
  • Remote editor software to control via USB or Ethernet.
  • Extensive channel strip controls with user-definable control sections.
  • Connections to BEHRINGER P-16 personal monitoring system.
  • AES/EBU stereo digital output and full MIDI implementation.
  • Super-compact and lightweight.

The X32 will coming 2/3 quarter 2011 at a projected price of $2,500 USD.

More information: Behringer