Behringer announces X32, 32-channel digital mixing console

Behringer X32

Behringer has announced the X32, a new digital mixer.

When you’re ready to make the jump from tic-tac-toe to chess, pay us a visit. The X32 represents BEHRINGER’s domination strategy in the digital mixing tournament of champions and we’re confident that a checkmate isn’t far behind.

Join us at NAMM booth 6756 to shake hands with our grandmaster. It’s your move.

X32 features

  • Total recall.
  • 32 channels with inserts.
  • 16 mix busses with inserts.
  • 6 aux sends and returns.
  • 8 stereo FX returns.
  • 6 matrix mixers with inserts.
  • 6 mute groups.
  • 8 DCA groups.
  • Full-recording / multi-channel networking via FW/USB expansion cards*.
  • 48-channel “digital snake” via ultra-low latency AES-50 ports*.
  • Fully programmable, high-end mic preamps.
  • 25 low-noise 100mm motorized faders.
  • Super-easy user-interface with direct access.
  • No confusing menus.
  • High-resolution 7″ colour TFT display.
  • Individual LCD displays per channel, DCA and Bus.
  • Full dynamics and EQ per channel, busses and matrices.
  • Adjustable line-delays on all inputs and outputs.
  • Virtual FX rack with 8 FX slots.
  • Powerful scene management for shows.
  • On-board recorder for uncompressed WAV files on USB flash drive.
  • Remote editor software to control via USB or Ethernet.
  • Extensive channel strip controls with user-definable control sections.
  • Connections to BEHRINGER P-16 personal monitoring system.
  • AES/EBU stereo digital output and full MIDI implementation.
  • Super-compact and lightweight.

The X32 will coming 2/3 quarter 2011 at a projected price of $2,500 USD.

More information: Behringer / X32

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The DDX3216 was a great digital mixer when it came out. Since it was discontinued, Behringer has developed better mic pre’s, converters, and effects. Having the newer improved gear on this digital mixer will be a great.

Gary Coumont
Gary Coumont

I played in a band for that used the Behringer MX3242A mixer for 8 years playing live shows and using it for rehearsals. I left that band 2 years ago but they are still using that same board and it still is working perfectly. We paid $1,000 Canadian for it. We had a road case built for it right away and always had 2 people carry it at all times. Best bang for the buck I would say. Can’t wait to see what the digital stuff is like!