Behringer has introduced the Behringer MonoPoly, bringing back the classic 80s synthesizer by Korg.

The MonoPoly has a fully analog signal path with 4 VCOs, each with 4 multiple waveshapes per voice, 24db vintage filter, dedicated filter and VCA ADSR envelopes and dual analog LFOs.

It can be played in monophonic, unison and poly modes, allowing you to play up to 4-note chords with an added chord memory function to play them on a single note. The synth has PWM and detune options, an effects section with cross modulation and osc sync. It also features a built-in arpeggiator.

The back panel of the 37-key (semi-weighted) MonoPoly has trigger and CV options, as well as DIN and USB MIDI connections.

Pricing and availability TBA.

More information: Behringer