Bela D Media has announced the launch of an affiliate program that offers a 25% discount on current and future Bela D Media products.

Bela D Media

Since 2003, Bela D Media ascribes to be on the leading edge of virtual instrument creation with an exclusive dedication to the art of vocal sampling. The company motto is to be driven by quality and affordability.

Over the years, Bela D Media has seen success in coordination with talented developers such as Eduardo Tarilonte (Best Service), Alan Lastufka now of YouTube fame and Arron Dirk of Lyrical Distortion.

In pursuit to expand a viable product catalog and user base, Bela D Media is seeking the assistance of new talent by way of an affiliate program. A unique way to save and earn 25%.

Use coupon code 00010 at the checkout to receive an additional 5% discount on a purchase.

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