Bela D Media has released Bela D Bass – Power Signature LE, a virtual bass sample library for Kontakt.

Heavily influenced by the attack, present tone, and aggressive playing style of Geddy Lee (RUSH), Bela D Bass is the first bass library to deliver a truly unique and lyrical sound. It is far beyond that of the typical and over used bass tone. Driven by attitude, power and melodic grace, Bela D Bass | Power Signature is the prog-rock/metal composers dream!

Bela D Bass – Power Signature LE features

  • The Sampled Rig
    • Signature Jazz Bass
    • EMG J-Bass Active Pickups
    • Roto Sound Strings RS 66LD
    • Avalon U5 Tube Direct Box
    • Sans Amp R.B.I. Bass Preamp
  • The Virtual Rig
    • Direct Bass
    • Ampeg 1×15 IRF
    • Ampeg 4×10 IRF
    • User controlled Compression, EQ and Excitement Reverb
  • Performance Play Script, puts nearly every fret-hand technique the library offers in one elegantly powerful NKI file. Featuring real-time access to legato; slides; vibrato; harmonics; palm mutes; and more. All of the above can be effortlessly accessed by three dynamically playable and distinctive plucking styles.
  • Data: 2.3GB, 4,000+ samples (24bit/Mono).
  • Format: Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 / 4.

Bela D Bass – Power Signature LE is available for purchase as a download for $99.99 USD. You can use coupon code REKKERDSAVE20 at the checkout to receive 20% discount on a purchase of this or any other full version product at the Bela D Media store.

More information: Bela D Media