Bela D Media Retro Flute

Bela D Media has released Retro Flute, a flute sample library for Kontakt.

Though it will sit extremely well in a Cinematic, Classical or Jazz ensemble track, it is the retro sound used by many progressive rock artists that produces a pure and powerful tone.

Retro Flute features

  • Sustained Straight Tone & Vibrato.
  • Sung Style.
  • Various Staccato Options.
  • Repetitions, Overlaying Options.
  • Player Breath Noise, Key Noise
  • Slide Down, Runs, Flutter, Mordent, Half and Whole Tone Trills.

Retro Flute for Kontakt 2.2.4. or higher (K3 compatible) is available for $119.99 USD. You can use coupon code REKKERDSAVE20 at the checkout to receive 20% discount on a purchase of this or any other full version product at the Bela D Media store.

Visit Bela D Media for more information.