VST Buzz Wine Glass and The Bell from Shelf

VST Buzz has announced a limited time deal, offering the Bell from Shelf and Wine Glass library bundle by Atom Hub at a 30% discount.

This bundle offers some really unique and quirky little libraries from a relatively unheard of developer. Wine Glass has 40 presets offering a variety of unusual sounds created from sampling wine glass hits (finger tip, knuckle, wooden stick etc.) with 7x round robins. Its a beautiful library that offers a nice crystalline, sparkly and ominous sound.

The Bell from Shelf was created by sampling the knocking, ringing and tolling of a copper brass bell. It comes with 24 presets (5x round robins) and gives you a beautiful percussive, metallic and clangy sound. These are some excellent libraries to add to your collection and absolutely dirt cheap!

The bundle is available to purchase for $9.50 USD until November 12th, 2013 (regular $13.50 USD).

More information: VST Buzz