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Ben Anderson Music releases V-DS (Virtual Digital Sampler)

Ben Anderson Music V-DS

Ben Anderson Music has released V-DS, a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

In the mid-80s the market suddenly was ambushed with cheap toy sampling keyboards like the Casio SK-1 and the Yamaha VSS 30. Even if they weren’t anything special and were probably picked up from toy’s R us rather than a professional music store they still played a part of many musicians studio set-up, providing crunched-up shadows of what they were supposed to be sampling, providing a warm and fuzzy quality. The V-DS (Virtual Digital Sampler) is a recreation of those crunchy 8-bit samplers but full with extra, more professional options.

V-DS features

  • A recreation of vintage AD/DA sampler circuitry.
  • Digital ADSR envelope for snappy volume control.
  • Analogue modelled filter with resonance.
  • Load two samples at once to layer them together.
  • Dedicated LFO filter control.
  • Six Classic 80s sounds built into the samplers ROM.
  • Mouse Keyboard for previewing your samples quickly.
  • Support for Loop Points in your samples.

V-DS is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for £8 GBP. A demo version is available for download (does not allow you to load and playback your own samples).

Visit Ben Anderson Music for more information and an audio demos.

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