Ben Loftis has launched a Kickstarter project for Fishbowl, a software program that lets you cast a professional light show with a spotlight, color washes, and dynamic scenes using your computer and a desktop projector.

Any musical or theatrical performance can be enhanced with stage lighting. But investing in colored lights, spotlights, and remote-control equipment can be expensive; especially if you only use it occasionally.

Fishbowl is a great solution … it’s a program that runs on your computer. Combined with a multimedia projector, you can mix a spotlight with colors and light effects for your performance. It sounds simple, but I was surprised to find that there was nothing like this available already, so I created Fishbowl. All you need is a laptop and a multimedia projector, which many people have already!

The project aims to raise at least $800 USD by Sunday Sep 16, 8:29pm EDT.

More information: Fishbowl at Kickstarter