Ben/Schulz has announced an update to the JP-ME-1 audio plugin, an effect that emulates a famous 1980ies digital reverb made by a well know Japanese manufacturer.

Ben Schulz JP ME 1 1.1

This update features the most often requested feature: 100% wet! The original hardware unit did mix in the dry signal at roughly -6.5 dB – which is fine when you’re a keyboard entertainer. But if you want to use JP-ME-1 as on a send bus this certainly was a limitation. Just hit the button labeled “FULL” to toggle into this mode.

Other changes in JP-ME-1 v1.1

  • Re-enabled 32bit support for macOS.
  • New crash reporting.
  • Fixed AAX compatibility with older macOS versions.

JP-ME-1 comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats and standalone software for Windows and Mac. A license is free during the open beta period.

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More information: Ben/Schulz