Bengt Nilsson has released Intimate Piano and Headroom Piano, two free piano instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Today I had the great honor to be working with a real pro when it comes to scripting programming for Kontakt. mk282 helped me put together a Kontakt instrument for my 12 year old dusty piano samples.

While he programmed the instrument, I worked with the graphics. First time I’ve used Skype on this way. Incredibly fun!

So folks, let us introduce The Intimate Piano. 2 microphone placements, 1 layer (pp), stereo widening and other stuff. But the best part is – it’s free.

Next week we will release a larger version on the piano. Headroom Piano. It has 5 velocity layers and EQ on each mic placement.

The libraries are available as free downloads at the V.I. Control forum.

More information: Bengt Nilsson / Intimate Piano / Headroom Piano