Bertom Audio has released a new audio plugin that extracts the phantom center from a stereo signal.

Contrary to your usual mid/side processor, the Phantom Center stereo imaging plugin produces more decorrelated sides components.

The HPF and LPF parameters control the cutoff frequencies of the filters applied to the extracted phantom center. What’s outside this frequency range is redirected to the side channels.

It’s also possible to get separated LCR channels if you want to process them individually (see the user guide). Note that the extraction algorithm is more on the aggressive side and wasn’t specifically designed for “upmixing”. However, just splitting and recombining is lossless.

The plugin is available to download in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac. Donations are appreciated.

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  • Denoiser noise reduction plugin.
  • EQ Curve Analyzer signal generator that displays the frequency response of a software/hardware audio source.
  • Air Shelf dynamic equalizer designed to shape your high end.

More information: Bertom Audio