BeSound Deep Electro Vol. 1

BeSound has released Deep Electro Vol.1, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

BeSound painstakingly sampled every single note of each waveform of various Analog synths using top-notch pre-amplifiers and a high-end “magic” vacuum tube. This high-end vacuum tube based equalizer actually became out of service because one of the final tubes broke down. Not being able to find the original tube they tried to use an old military tube. For the original use of this equipment, the result was a complete catastrophe… but when using it to change the frequency response (the tone of a sound), they say it became “just magic, unique”.

This sample library comes with deep and powerful analog basses and some clean leads.

Deep Electro Vol.1 features

  • 1 GB of 44.1khz samples (over 2,300 wav files).
  • 60 NKI presets.
  • Recorded with a “prism sound” A/D converters.

Deep Electro Vol.1 is available as a free download until 30 November, 2011 (valid email address required).

Visit BeSound for more information.