Audio Plugin Deals has launched a sale on Chris Hein Ensemble Strings by Best Service, offering a 50% discount on the string library featuring 10 instruments for the free Kontakt Player.

Recorded with the greatest care, precisely edited and combined into ten useful Kontakt Player instruments with a custom-made user interface and comprehensive scripting, Chris Hein – Ensemble Strings offers the highest sound quality, lots of articulations, and incredibly realistic results.

Weighing in at 36GB+ and powered by the free Kontakt player, Chris Hein – Ensemble Strings offers no less than 32 different articulations and play-styles for its instruments. Thanks to a straightforward key-switching system, these can be easily used with the highest musicality while playing. The articulation tempo, especially for repetitions and runs, can easily be adapted to the host-tempo of your DAW.

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings features

  • 10 Instruments, 2 Ensemble sizes „Full“ & „Small“.
  • 30 GB Content, 53.000 Samples, 32 Articulations.
  • Up To 8 Dynamic Layers, 4 Dynamic Modes, Dynamic Expression Sustains.
  • Special „designed“ articulations, Note-Head Designer, Hot-Keys.
  • Intelligent Legato & Portamento, Glide-Mode To play realistic runs.
  • 10 built in DSP-Effects, 2 independent Convolution Reverbs, 63 high class impulse responses.
  • Ensemble Maker, Micro-Tuner, Adjustable Fader Settings in the UI.
  • Intelligent LFO-Vibrato including EQ, Customizable Auto-Vibrato.
  • Key-Vibrato.

The library is on sale for $199 USD through January 30th, 2022 (regular $399 USD). A purchase also includes $19.90 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals