Best Service Galaxy II

Best Service has released Galaxy II, the successor of the Galaxy Steinway 5.1, extended with two more world class grand pianos.

Equipped with the completely new Kontakt 2 engine for an ultra realistic playing experience and a specially designed user interface, allowing simple, but very flexible sound configuration and creative sound design.

Galaxy II features 3 world-class grand pianos:

  1. Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (real surround and stereo version)
  2. Vienna Grand Imperial (96 keys and incredible low end)
  3. German Baby Grand (beautiful ‘singing’ tone, built in 1929)

In total Galaxy II includes more than 6000 samples of a Steinway D, a Bösendorfer Imperial and a 1929 Blüthner Baby Grand.


  • up to 12 ”modeled velocity zones” for a wide and smooth dynamic range
  • chromatically sampled – real sustain resonance and release, recorded with multiple velocity and timing
  • real Una Corda Samples (Soft Pedal)
  • adjustable Hammer, Pedal and Damper noises
  • specially designed user interface
  • direct control of all important functions in the main menu
  • detailed editing in 10 special menus
  • integrated help window
  • simple and very effective ”one-knob” control of tone colour (without EQ), warmth and dynamics
  • warp-section with 4 FX-machines for drastic sound design
  • Pad machine for generating spheric and atmospheric synth pads
  • convolution-reverb with lots of rooms, halls and ambiences
  • stereo width and position adjustable
  • recorded in Galaxy Studios and Hansahaus Studios (2 Jazz-Grammy-Awards) with high end and Vintage microphones (Brauner, Neumann and Bruel&Kjaer) and state-of-the-art equipment (Neve Capricorn, SSL 9000, Preamps by Neve, Focusrite Red Series, Summit etc.)

Visit Best Service and for more information and mp3 demos of Galaxy II.