Best Service has announced the release of KLANGHAUS 2, a collection of unique instruments invented and constructed by Ferdinand Foersch.

With KLANGHAUS 2 virtual instrument you have access to a collection of unique instruments, invented and constructed by Ferdinand Foersch. We recorded these instruments with best care and attention and then spent hundreds of hours to map them according to Ferdinand Foersch´s ideas and visions..

Klanghaus 2 now expands this collection of tonal playable instruments by adding more than 900 Grooves, Loops and swells all together editable in almost unlimited creative ways. Restructure or destruct loops with arpeggiators and step sequencers add super fast, preset based modulation and effects to take your creativity beyond sound design.

Whenever possible and useful we grouped instruments together, to allow you to “key-switch” between different playing techniques. Be curious and play around, take your time and let the sounds evolve. Also don’t forget to check out the bonus section for our exemplary and inspiring construction kits.

KLANGHAUS 2 is available for purchase for MSRP 259 EUR/$ 259 USD/£199 GBP.

More information: Best Service / KLANGHAUS 2