Best Service has announced availability of NADA, a virtual instrument library featuring meditation and New Age sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte.

NADA includes strings, winds, percussions, pianos, eternal sounding bowls, glasses and bells, as well as mesmerizing overtone singing voices and an alluring and charming female solo voice, and deep, peaceful, and warm meditations pads.

“After a whole life, having gone through many musical styles, one has always been in my heart. Because, deep inside me, it is a significant part of my soul and my essence from which I cannot let go: New Age Music – to which I owe it all; what I am and what I feel.

I went from Ethnic, Folk, Antique to Soundtrack music, and every single note I composed or sampled was imbued with it in some way. Sometimes I thought it had left, never to return, but it was always there, dormant and feeding from those new styles and, at the same time, providing them with all its spirit. Now it has returned, more beautiful than ever.

NADA is a spiritual voyage through the deepest sounds of my soul” – Eduardo Tarilonte

NADA comes with 440+ sounds build from over 9,000 samples. It is available now boxed or as a download for an MSRP of $199 USD / 199 EUR / £179 GBP.

More information: Best Service