Best Service has announced the release of the Qanun instrument library, a virtual psaltery that brings the beautiful sounds of the Middle East right into the DAW-based production environment.

Qanun is an instrument that reflects the sound of the Orient like no other. Designed as a Wooden Psaltery and strung with 63 to 84 strings, it has influenced the music of the Orient since the 10th century. Today, the characteristic sound of the qanun still plays an important role in traditional and modern oriental music.

Qanun impresses with an outstanding Authenticity in terms of Playability and Realism. The main goal was to achieve an Authentic Sound with the best possible playability, therefore the articulations are divided into recorded performances and freely playable articulations. The integrated Microtunings make the heart of every professional Maqam artist beat faster.

Syrian-born multi-instrumentalist Bassam Ayoub has succeeded to make the Qanun playable in the virtual world. His extensive experience in recording oriental instruments coupled with a deep understanding of their history and playability has already been proven with libraries such as Arabic Oud and Arabic E-Oud.

Qanun features

  • 22 articulations.
  • Multiple velocity layers.
  • Up to 16 round robins.
  • Integrated microtunings (Bayati, Rast, Saba und Seka).
  • All major timbres included.
  • Crossgrade from Arabic oud or Arabic E-Oud available.

Qanun is available for purchase for 99 EUR. Registered users of Arabic Oud or E-Oud can crossgrade for 69 EUR.

More information: Best Service