Beta Monkey Groove Rock

Beta Monkey Music has launched Groove Rock, a new Drum Werks series sample pack.

Nothing is more essential in rock music than the drum track. You need punchy, live, powerful drums if you want the song to go anywhere.

And, groove after groove, Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock will inspire your rock songwriting with exactly that: live, punchy, powerful acoustic rock drum loops. No wimpy samples. No cliched sequencing. No soulless quantization.

Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock was inspired by some of rock’s greatest drumming performances and played by one of the best studio drummers in L.A. The Drum Werks XXVII sample library weighs in at a hefty 850 MB of100% pure groove rock drum loops.

Drum Werks XXVII: Groove Rock is available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: Beta Monkey Music / Groove Rock