Double Bass Mania II

Beta Monkey Music Double Bass Mania II
Beta Monkey Music has released Double Bass Mania II, a collection of 800+ double bass grooves, groove variations, fills, one shots, and samples for creating the heaviest of heavy metal tracks.


  • Multiple Styles of Metal, from Hard Rock to Blastbeats: Chug along with the mortal tempos or blast it out with insane speed
  • Wide Range of Tempos: 75, 90, 100, 110, 120, 140, 150, 180, 200, 220, 280, 300 and a supplemental 200+ folder
  • Rhythmic Pairings: Beta Monkey constructed DBM II to include complementary tempo sets. Grooves from the following pairings 75/150, 90/180, 100/200, 110/220, and 140/280 allow songwriters to cut or double time signatures at will
  • Superior Rhythmic Realism: 1, 2, 4, and 8 bar segments capture the full aggression of authentic metal phrasing
  • High-End Production and Gear: Big drums hit hard in a big room. It’s not all that complicated
  • Cohesive Groove Sets: All loops are taken from the same recording session (all grooves, fills, etc. are sonically-matched)
  • Fully-Sampled Drum and Cymbal Samples: The sample kit section includes multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded
  • Available in 16 or 24 bit “acidized” WAV, AIFF (Apple Loops), and REX2 formats

Visit Beta Monkey Music for free samples of Double Bass Mania II ($29.99).

Abstrakt Beats: Glitch + IDM

Soniccouture has released Abstrakt Breaks : Glitch + IDM, a collection of complex, exciting hi-tech drum loops, ideal for producers of Electronica, IDM, Glitch, Industrial and Film soundtracks.

Soniccouture Abstrakt Breaks: Glitch + IDM

This library contains 200 drum loops. All grooves broken down into component loops for full control.


  • WAV, Rex, Apple Loops formats
  • 200 24-bit 44.1 Loops
  • 350 MB Library
  • Grooves spilt into ‘stackable’ component parts
  • Down Tempo 80-120 BPM and Up Tempo 125-195 BPM Categories
  • Sample Accurate Precision Looping
  • Fully Produced and Mastered at 24-bit Resolution
  • License free Loops

Visit Soniccouture for more information and sound demos of Abtrakt Breaks: Glitch + IDM (£30.00 download)

Kocktail Kollection

Zero-G has released Kocktail Kollection, a library that

truly captures the REALLY cheesy sounds of the late 1950’s and early 60’s.

This library has tons of suitable sounds for lounge music, acid jazz, trip hop and the like.

Zero-G Kocktail Kollection

  • 70s Sequencer Synth Lines
  • Accordion Lix
  • Adrennalinn 2fers
  • Lounge Construction Kitz
  • Guitar Slide Octaves
  • Lounge Atmospherez, Breakz, Drumz, Guitar Chicks, Hitz, Lo Fi Break Fillz, Single Drum Hitz
  • Old Lounge Recordz Mixes
  • Vintage Cheese Lix, Cheesy Synth Sounds
  • Vocal Lix

This collection contains over 950 wav files and 650 Rex files in 1.3Gb. (UK £59.95 / US $99.95 / 89 Euro). Visit Zero-G for more information.

After Hours

Equinox Sounds has released After Hours, a collection of melodic and rythmic loops and phrases for creating Melodic, Deep and Ambient Trance music.

Equinox Sounds After Hours

  • 30 Melodic MIDI Loops
  • 61 Arpeggios (ranging from 120-145 BPM)
  • 119 Bass Lines (ranging from 120-145 BPM)
  • 121 Synth Lines (ranging from 120-145 BPM)
  • 52 Trance Percussion Loops
  • 300 Drum Loops (ranging from 120-145 BPM)
  • 200 Single Drum Sounds

After Hours is currently available for 60 Euros on CD-ROM or as a download. Some demo samples are available.