Beta Monkey Music has announced the release of two new Drum Werks sample libraries, featuring a collection of slow and uptempo drum loops in 6/8 time signature.

Beta Monkey Music Drum Werks XXIV Slow & Uptempo 6/8

With over 1 GB of exclusively 6/8 time drum loops and 220 MB of drum and cymbal samples, Beta Monkey Music has released the most intense and comprehensive collection of 6/8 time drum loops available. Both discs were recorded in a single recording session to allow for unlimited flexibility in loop mixing and matching and cover distinct tempo groupings for ease of use and diverse musical application.

  • Drum Werks XXIV: Slow 6/8 Drum Loops: Beautifully lush and spacious 6/8 drum loops, ranging from 30 bpm to 60 bpm. Whether you’re writing a 6/8 rock or country ballad, moody alt and indie rock, or intense progressive soundscapes, Drum Werks XXIV will deliver an exhaustive variety of rhythms within the 6/8 time signature, including straight 8th note grooves, half-time feels, swing feels, and more.
  • Drum Werks XXV: UpTempo 6/8 Drum Loops: Need to take your 6/8 drum tracks up a notch? With 263 uptempo 6/8 drum loops ranging from 70 bpm to 100 bpm, Drum Werks XXV delivers a solid and versatile mix of uptempo 6/8 drum beats and groove feels – giving songwriters a comprehensive 6/8 rhythmic arsenal to quickly and easily build new and inspiring drum tracks. Within the 6/8 time signature, you can dig into straight 8th note grooves, half-time feels, shuffled feels, and more.

Both the Drum Werks XXIV and Drum Werks XXV 6/8 drum loop libraries include a fully-sampled drum and cymbal sample kit, allowing users to layer drum voices and sequence more custom drum loops and grooves. Over 200 MB of individually sampled single hits support and enhance the drum loops, allowing for the ultimate creative flexibility in layering drum voices and designing your own 6/8 drum tracks. A Beta Monkey exclusive feature.

The sample libraries are available in 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, and Apple Loops formats, priced at $29.99 USD each.

More information: Beta Monkey Music