Beta Monkey Music Drum Werks XII

Beta Monkey Music has released Drum Werks XII: Blues and Bluesy-Rock Grooves, a complete songwriting package for multiple styles of blues and blues-rock songwriting, featuring over 675 tasty drum loops, including main grooves, groove variations, fills, and one shots.

Get traditional 12/8 blues grooves, half-time shuffles, rock shuffles, uptempo boogies and more! That’s what Drum Werks XII is all about – laying it down hard for the bluesman in all of us. With a wide span of tempos from a laid-back 60 BPM GrooveSet™ to a blistering boogie collection at 180 BPM and all tempos and feels in-between, Drum Werks XII will deliver the no-nonsense “let me dig into those pentatonics again” inspiration your music needs. And, for even greater songwriting flexibility, we’ve included a complete matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set of all the drums used to record the drum tracks.

Drum Werks XII is now available in 16 or 24-bit “acidized” WAV and Apple Loops / AIFF formats for $29.95 USD (REX2 format will be available spring 2008).

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