Beta Monkey Music Drum Werks IX

Beta Monkey Music has released Drum Werks IX: Power Rock Grooves Drum Loop Collection.

Drum Werks IX is a powerful collection of slow and mid-tempo acoustic rock drum loops. As the newest addition to Beta Monkey’s versatile Drum Werks line of drum loops and samples, Drum Werks IX offers nearly 600 acoustic drum loops and samples in comprehensive Groove Sets™, from moody 60 BPM vibes through power rock stomping at 90 BPM.


  • Cohesive Sounds and Versatile Loops: All grooves, groove variations, fills, and one shot loops are taken from a single recording session and are sonically-matched. Users can mix and match all tempos, feels, and styles found on Drum Werks IX.
  • Comprehensive Groove Folders: 60, 70, 80, and 90 BPM Groove Sets™. Straight-ahead grooves, cross-stick patterns, tom grooves and abundant fill choices throughout each groove folder.
  • Complete Drum/Cymbal Sample Set: Multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded are included. All elements of the venerable Yamaha Recording Custom set, along with a maple Craviotto snare were sampled; all cymbals (Zildjian ride, hihats, crashes) are included as well.
  • More than Just Drum Loops: In addition to hundreds of powerful drum loops, the disc features intro figures, buzz rolls, endings, cymbal swells and chokes and more. All the finishing touches and “little” things vital to realistic drum tracks.
  • High-End Production: Recorded in a world-class recording studio.

Drum Werks IX costs $29.99 USD, and is available in 16 or 24-bit “acidized” WAV (16/44 or 24/44) and APPLE LOOPS formats. (REX2 format coming soon).

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