Digg Audio Hook City: RnB Edition

Big Fish Audio has announced the release of Hook City: RnB Edition and We Run Miami, two sample libraries in the VIP Loops Platinum Series by Digg Audio.

VIP Loops Platinum Series is pleased to bring you a very special product, Hook City: RnB Edition. Representing 15 one of a kind multi-track construction loop sets that all include vocal hooks. This product is massive and included over 2.2 giga bytes of inspiring content. From swagged out ballads to urban RnB bounce this product covers the modern RnB error perfectly. The hooks not only make your production job easier, but they also provide inspiration. You will find auto-tuned hooks and screwed vocals in this package.

Hook City: RnB Edition features

  • Over 2.2 GB of content.
  • Formatted for WAV(Acidized) and Apple Loops.
  • 15 multi-track construction loop sets.
  • All construction loop sets include music and vocal hooks.
  • 2 track full mix stereo files for quick auditioning – with vocals included.
  • 2 track instrumental only stereo files for quick auditioning – music only.

Digg Audio We Run Miami

We Run Miami is another VIP Loops Platinum Series product exclusively from Digg Audio.

Representing 15 incredible multi-track construction loop sets in the style of The Runners, and Rick Ross. This product gives you over 850 MB of inspiring Miami dirty south based content. From big brass and string melodies lines to screaming synths, to swagged out guitar lines, to laced out live and programmed drum beats with rapid fire drum rolls this product has that current Miami dirty south hip hop sound down.

We Run Miami features

  • 850 MB of content.
  • Formatted for WAV(Acidized) and Apple Loops.
  • 15 Multi-Track construction loop sets.
  • 2 track full mix stereo files for quick auditioning.

Hook City: RnB Edition is available to purchase for $49.95 USD, We Run Miami is $39.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio