Big Fish Audio Nuclear DNB

Big Fish Audio has released Nuclear DNB, a collection of drum and bass samples.

This is the freshest, heaviest Dn’B library you can find out there, loaded with hard and heavy breaks, Fx, pads and all kinds of sounds that will make you drop the phattest tunes! When it comes to Drum n Bass, Jungle or Breakbeat, this is a true first-class sample pack filled with an awesome and truly diverse selection of the nastiest grooves! “Nuclear DNB” will recharge your home studio with an “all you can mix buffet” of premium Drum n Bass beats!

Nuclear DNB features

  • 3800 WAV, 1650 REX2 files: 2.63GB (1.45GB before duplications) of content including drumloops, FXs, processed beats and atmospheres, textures and pads.
    • 400+ Full Mix Beats: each beat comes with at least 3 variations from the full mix.
    • 300+ Fills: We know you love fast rolling snare fills and wicked breaks!
    • 620+ Loop Elements: All the individual loop components (kicks, snares, hats,
      percussion) in separate standalone loops for extensive usability and mixing control!
    • 2000+ Sliced Hits: We did all the work for you and provide you with all the beat
      slices so you can have 100% control of your grooves and develop completely new beats
      from scratch!
    • 190+ Processed Patterns: Highly processed beats and wild rhythmic patterns.
    • 99 FX Loops: Over the top Drum n’ Bass FX at 4 different tempos (160, 165, 170 and
      175 BPM).

You’ll also get a sneak peek of more than 90 mouth watering atmospheres from the Infinite Series Collection, that will spice up your curiosity and add even more juicy sounds to take your tracks into hyperspace.

Nuclear DNB is available for $99.95 USD.

Visit Big Fish Audio for more information and audio demos.