Big Fish Audio is now shipping Slo’ Motion: Tokyo Soundscapes, a 7 gigabyte soundtrack library featuring thousands of cinematic, soulful, ambient, chill-out loops and samples.

Slo' Motion: Tokyo Soundscapes DVD cover

This sound library is very hip, I can tell by the title tag: Nitelife soundtrack clips & discreet music for films.

Slo’ Motion: Tokyo Soundscapes features

  • WAV Section (24-bit)
    1995 loops & samples in 60, 65 & 70bpm. Endless looping soundscapes with Bladerunning Rhodes & Eno land piano, synth & guitar tone/chords. Deep sleep & Dub style bass loops and dark city Tokyo sound fx, hazy bird & nature fx, hypnotic Kalimba & Gamelan Anklung loops with discrete traffic sytle percussion. Mystical, fragmented drum & percussion loops with dirty calve driven organ beat box loops & samples.
  • REX 2 (24-bit)
    876 24-bit Rex2 loops, discrete traffic style percussion, African thumb piano, Balinese anklung loopds, cinematic Tokyo sound fx, treated bird & nature loops. Slow motion looping soundtrack chords with cinematic synth, mellotron & guitar loops.
  • REFILL (Reason 3.0)
    2608 24-bit Rex2, WAV samples & Reason patches. Hypnotic sondscape loops, chill-out chords with Enoesque synth & guitar tones, deep dubby bass loops, Tokyo night life sound fx, Organic bird & nature fx loops, African thumb piano & Balinese Gamelan loops, smooth traffic style percussion loops. Ambient drum & percussion loops, amped vintage organ beat box samples together with over 700 combinator, NN-19 & Redrum patches.

Slo’ Motion: Tokyo Soundscapes comes on 2 DVD Roms and costs $199.95.

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