BigTone Studios Chronospheres

BigTone Studios has released Chronospheres, a collection of 128 expressive patches for u-he Zebra 2.5.

Several features and enhancements were added to Zebra² 2.5 at the request of BT to complete this bank of 128 carefully-crafted presets. The sounds cover a wide musical range and BT is confident there is something for everyone. Be sure to lisen to the demo mp3s and read the patch listing to get a good feel for the set. And of course, Zebra² 2.5 or greater is required. Enjoy!

Chronospheres features

  • 128 patches: 16 arps, 8 athmospheric stuff, 24 bass, 6 fx, 9 keys, 5 leads, 4 loops ‘n things, 13 semi-real, 19 pads, 7 sequencer, 16 syndrums and percussion.
  • Most patches have 1-3 XY-controls assigned (these are mainly set up in a surgical way, such as reverb mix).
  • Emphasis on expression through common controllers such as Velocity, Aftertouch, PitchBend and Modwheel (preset names indicate the main controllers, e.g. mw for ModWheel and pb for PitchBend).

Chronospheres is available to purchase from u-he for $30 USD.

More information: u-he / Chronospheres