bioLogic has released a free set of Djembe samples.

bioLogic writes:

I’ve been wanting to get back into sampling instruments, so I snuck my cousin’s djembe, brought it over, and cooked up this little beast in HALion format. I recorded and compiled it yesterday and today, and played it about 15 minutes once I tweaked it right. I’m loving the sound I managed to get out of it.

Djembe features

  • 90 samples, 23.1 MB extracted.
  • Three velocity layers with 5 alternate strikes per layer.
  • Three articulations: bass, bass muted, slap (each with L and R samples).
  • Recorded with SM57 right under the base, and a Rode NT3 about 6″ above the skin, all going through a Really Nice Preamp and into my M-Audio 2496.