Tracktion Corporation has announced the release of a major update to its popular BioTek Organic Synthesizer virtual instrument.

BioTek’s new Sound Design edition allows users to deep dive into the inner workings of this immersive instrument. Utilizing the all new Acktion! Engine™, BioTek now provides unprecedented control, with extensive modulation and modifier capabilities. In addition, the instrument’s uniquely creative and visually stunning front panel macro controls allows to users to build their own synthesizer from scratch.

Released earlier this year, the original BioTek has become an indispensible tool for musicians and composers in search of unique sound textures. As Albert Fox, a composer at Mark Mothersbaugh’s (Devo) Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles explained, “when you’re looking for something different, BioTek is the
‘go to’ synthesizer.” With the updated feature set, the instrument can be used in a very simple or highly detailed way to suit the needs of any project.

“Users can create original sounds with complex layers of oscillators running through multiple filters, modulation and modifier routes,” explained Tracktion Corp principal, James Woodburn. “If desired, an organic unpredictability can be programmed which has the effect of breathing motion and life into the sound.”

Tracktion provides multiple free tutorial videos and extensive written manual to help guide new users through the full range of BioTek features and controls on its website.

The BioTek Sound Design edition for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $150 USD. It is a free update to all existing BioTek users.

More information: Tracktion / BioTek

Biotek Sound Desinger Edition
Biotek Sound Desinger Edition oscs

Biotek Sound Desinger Edition matrix

Biotek Sound Desinger Edition filter