Austrian tech startup company birdkids has announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its RAVEN, a 100% analog synthesizer voice.

birdkids RAVEN

RAVEN combines the simplicity of a performance-friendly, semi-modular synthesizer voice with fully-modular, infinitely flexible, workflow possibilities by assigning Control Voltage I/O’s at (almost) every point in the signal workflow. Each modular component can be seen as a standalone, self-sufficient entity.

RAVEN is about the symbiosis with the individual.

Our goal was to make a musical instrument that responds to your touch in a consistent and affirmative way, yet does not restrict the unique sonic-character and the vibrancy of the synthesizers color palette. To us, analog is about texture, it’s about depth of emotion – it’s the beauty in imperfection. Those are human values, they’re timeless, they enrich our everyday experiences.

The system-architectural idea was about going back to the basics of subtractive, modular synthesis. We wanted to capture the raw, non-linearity and honesty of a 100% analog circuit.
The main engineering challenge of RAVEN was consolidating a highly complex conglomerate of modular, discrete designs into a slim 3U/42HP (Eurorack) form-factor resulting in a uniquely sounding subtractive, semi-modular, high-performance, musical instrument.

RAVEN features

  • Dual, wide-range Voltage Controlled Oscillators.
  • The original TheBateleur (Ⓡ pending) Voltage Controlled Filter.
  • Two Voltage Controlled Amplifier outputs – A high-performance THAT2162 BlackmerⓇ VCA and an Optocoupler VCA reminiscent of legendary West-Coast designs.

You can back the Kickstarter campaign until December 5th, 2018. Pledge rewards include early bird RAVEN units at 40% off MSRP.

More information: RAVEN