Bismark bs-0

Bismark has released bs-0, a software playback sampler for Windows PC and Mac (AU/VST).

bs-0 features

  • Loads 1 SoundFont / DLS file.
  • Outputs: 1 (mono) outputs.
  • 4 voices: Oscillator/Amplifier/Filter, Modulation LFO (to Osc/Amp/Fil) and Vibrato LFO (to Osc) supported, Volume EG (to Amp) and Modulation EG (to Osc/Fil) supported.
  • Receive MIDI Message (depends on your host application).
  • Internal Effect Processing: Reverb, Chorus.

The updated versions of bs-1, b-16 and bs-spectrum have bugfixes for some GUI problems.

Visit Bismark for more information and a link to download bs-0.