Bitley Fairlight CMI / Wavelight Series

Bitley has released Wavelight 3 – Brass 1 & 2, and Wavelight 4 – Drums & Percussion, two new sample packs in the Wavelight series

Wavelight is the series of pure Fairlight disks sampled in 44,1 khz / 16 bit fidelity. These are the same samples used in our refill ‘Bitley Supersonic / Fairlight CMI Legacy II’.

New Wavelight sample packs

  • Wavelight 3 – Brass 1 & 2, features nasty, glorious, loopy brass sounds, recently used by Madonna among others. All samples are recorded at middle C, for being easily laid out on any sampling instrument (no multisamples).
  • Wavelight 4 – Drums & Percussion, 115 individual drum sounds (in each of the AIFF and WAV format folders), including drum sounds you have heard in use with Art Of Noise, Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys and many others. Featuring 14 Fairlight BDs alone, rest assured you are going to get a lot of variation. The sounds are actually highly usable in a production of today.

The Wavelight 3 and 4 libraries are available to purchase for $14 USD each.