Bitwig has announced an update to Bitwig Studio, the music production software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Version 3.1.1 comes with a new Vocoder audio fx device.

It’s time to wrap up a fantastic 2019, with a big thank you to the community and a surprise gift. Bitwig Studio 3.1.1 is available now, and it includes a brand new Audio FX device: Vocoder.

Be Superman, Watch the Stars, or simply Groove on the Autobahn.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 3.1.1

  • New device: Vocoder as configurable audio effect. Including…
    • Chains for both the Modulator (signal analyzed; defaults to device’s audio input) and the Carrier (signal filtered with the Modulator’s spectrum).
    • Simply add the Audio Receiver or Note Receiver devices into the chains to configure routing as you please.
    • Formant and Brightness adjustments, to twist and skew the spectrum.
    • Between 8 and 80 bands for each section, and the option to go full stereo.
    • Slope and Bandwidth controls, for band-pass tuning.
    • Attack and Release times for the envelope followers, plus a Freeze toggle to hold modulator levels.
    • Default preset with noise as carrier, and 20 more presets.
  • Fixes
    • Routing internal note input from one track to another did not work.
    • Some projects saved in 3.0.3 by more than one user could not be opened in 3.1.
    • Potential fix for very rare random crashes.

Bitwig Studio 3.1.1 is now available to download.

More information: Bitwig