Bitwig has announced the next Bitwig Circle collaboration, offering users of Bitwig Studio a free copy of the Parallel Aggressor dynamics plugin from BABY Audio.

Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a “big” mix sound. By processing multiple copies of the same track and blending them together you can add more punch to a mix – in a more natural-sounding way. Parallel Aggressor is based on this simple concept.

The plug-in splits your audio into three equal copies that can be processed separately to squeeze out every drop of sonic juice from your track. Parallel Aggressor comes loaded with 25 presets created by BABY Audio and some notable friends.

Parallel Aggressor loads seamlessly as a VST or VST3 plug-in in any project in Bitwig Studio, and it’s compatible with macOS or Windows.

The Parallel Aggressor plugin ($49 USD value) is free to Bitwig Studio and Bitwig Studio 16-Track license holders with an active Upgrade Plan. The offer is valid until September 22nd, 2021.

More information: Bitwig