Bitwig has announced an upcoming major update to its music production software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Bitwig Studio 5 comes with various additions and improvements.

The new version introduces five different MSEGs, new capabilities for our Clip Launcher, an overhaul to our browsers, and upgrades to the entire modulation system, such as the ability to control track- and project-level parameters and to expand modulators with pop-out windows.

These new devices and features offer the ability to draw your own envelopes and LFOs as well as innovative possibilities for live performance.

Bitwig Studio 5.0 is now in beta and can be tested by anyone with a Bitwig Studio license and an active Upgrade Plan. The installers are available in the user profiles.

A free upgrade for all license holders with an active Upgrade Plan at time of announcement, the official release is planned for Q2 this year.

More information: Bitwig