Bitwig has announced the release of Bass-08, a digital resurrection of the legendary 808 drum machine, made possible with Bitwig Studio’s advanced device technology.

Each note played triggers a subtly different sound, breathing life into these classic circuits.

The main presets offer full sets of instrument controls, like those on the original 808. So when changing a macro for Tuning or Decay, an entirely different set of samples is loaded.

Additionally, a few Pitched presets make certain elements chromatic, various clips have been included for dropping straight into the Launcher, and individual drum pieces can be loaded from the various multisample files, whether into a Drum Machine chain or straight into The Grid.

Bass-08 features

  • 20 Presets.
  • 32 Multisamples.
  • 2747 Samples in total.
  • 28 Pattern Clips.

Part of the package are 20+ Bitwig Pattern clips, pairing the Bass-08 instrument with drum patterns of various styles and genres. Access these patterns by calling up the right-side Browser Panel, switching to the Clips tab, and searching for 808. Each clip provides a good starting point for any new sketch or just to jam out.

This classic new sound machine is free for everyone with an active Upgrade Plan. If you own a Bitwig Studio, 16-Track or 8-Track license with an active Upgrade Plan, the Bass-08 sound package is now available for free in the Package Manager (you’ll need Bitwig Studio 3.1.1 or later).

More information: Bitwig