Bitwig has announced a free sound pack titled Evolving Sounds and Sequences, a collection of fresh presets in collaboration with Polarity and Joerg Sunderkoetter (aka “Jurgis”).

Coinciding with the recent Bitwig Studio 3.2 update and its broader modulation possibilities, the pack is designed to bring inevitable motion and a range of possibilities.

Some are soundscapes, which twist and grow over time. Sometimes they operate in musical time (quarter notes, bars, etc.), and other times they work independent of that.

Others are sequences, giving rhythmic force or regularity to the sound. This could come from an Arpeggiator, or even a bank of them, turning each note into flowing expressions. Or it could come from modulators (like Steps and ParSeq-8) or any of the data modules in The Grid. Often, a number of tiny wheels are spinning at different rates, weaving these sounds together.

And some do a bit of shuffling, cycling various sources or effects to create a mélange of sound. This is often achieved with our Selector devices and their assorted voice modes, but Bitwig’s Unified Modulation System makes all manner of swaps possible. Because sometimes each new note (or audio event) deserves a new way of thinking.

This means pads that chirp on each beat. Strings that change texture with each note played. Note effects that sort each key played into undulating polyrhythms. Even algorithmic drum beats that shift their pattern with each new note, or oscillators that grow tendrils and thorns the longer they are held. Life does find a way.

Evolving Sounds and Sequences is available from the Bitwig Studio Package Manager.

More information: Bitwig