Bitwig has announced its new preset package Audio FX – Space, Time, Color, a collection of audio effect presets for Bitwig Studio.

The Audio FX package highlights Bitwig Studio’s unique modular structure.

Discover 150+ Audio FX presets that each cast a mood onto any audio or virtual instrument output. Sounds range from creamy phasers to singing filters. Call up rich delay washes, or even reverbs that become pads of their own.

Some presets add a unique character to common effects, while others use sequenced modulations to turn an incoming sound into a new rhythmical texture. And as always, eight top-level Remote Control Macros help to quickly find the range of each preset.

The Bitwig Studio package is free for all customers with a valid Upgrade plan. The required version is Bitwig Studio 3.1 or higher.

More information: Bitwig