Bitwig has released the previously announced version 2.3 update of its Bitwig Studio, featuring the new Phase-4 synthesizer instrument, expanded device views, time signature changes and lots more.

Bitwig Studio 2.3 out now

This latest version of Bitwig Studio combines highly requested features from our community along with new and innovative elements, profoundly expanding the sound design possibilities of Bitwig Studio.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 2.3

  • Phase-4 is our brand new phase manipulation synthesizer.
  • Expanded Device Views give some key devices the extra space they deserve.
  • Time Signature Changes.
  • New and Improved Time Stretching, including Elastique from Zplane.
  • New devices: Instrument Selector & FX Selector.
  • Voice Stacking opens up incredible possibilities in sound design.
  • New modulator: Voice Stack.
  • Sound Content Update: excellent presets from renowned sound designers.

Bitwig Studio 2.3 is available as a free update for all Bitwig Studio 2 license holders with a valid upgrade plan. A free demo version is available.

Bitwig Studio 2 (incl. 12 month Upgrade Plan) is available for purchsae for 379 EUR / 399 USD (MAP). The Bitwig Studio 12 Month Upgrade Plan is 159 EUR / 169 USD.

More information: Bitwig