Bitwig has announced the release of Bitwig Studio 3.1, an update to the innovative music creation and performance software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The update comes with new exciting ways to work with pitch and scales.

The first half of 2019 saw the release of Bitwig Studio 3, which delivered our new modular sound-design environment, The Grid. After Bitwig Studio 3 was about expressing new sound design ideas, Bitwig Studio 3.1 extends the idea of pitch, a fundamental part of music that often goes untapped.

In addition, we’ve included various workflow improvements that make editing and understanding easier, all while staying in a music creation mode.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 3.1

  • New device: Micro-pitch.
  • New modulator: Pitch-12.
  • New Grid modules: Pluck, Slope ↗, Slope ↘, Follower, Transpose, Pitch → Ø.
  • Interactive Help view for all Bitwig devices.
  • Quick Draw, Quick Slice and Slice in Place.
  • Note Chase.
  • Cue Level and Cue Mix controls.
  • Sampler imports standard wavetable WAVs.
  • Improved tempo detection for audio files.
  • New controller scripts and Bitwig controller scripts are now open source.
  • … and much more.

Bitwig Studio 3.1 is available with up to $100 USD off regular in the Winter Special promotion. The update is available for free for all customers with a Bitwig Studio license and an active upgrade plan.

More information: Bitwig