Bitwig has announced its upcoming Bitwig Studio 3.3, an update that focuses on greater control and sculpting possibilities for all sounds, whether coloring audio sources or reinterpreting note messages in new and adventurous ways.

The update comes with a new Polymer hybrid modular synthesizer, a new Wavetable module, two new modulators (Vibrato and Ramp), updated devices and additions to the grid, various editing and workflow enhancements, and more.

Bitwig Studio 3.3 Polymer expanded

Today’s update looks at Bitwig’s modular concept thru a slightly different lens.

Modularity means many things, but its main advantages is to offer the producer the right tool at the right time. Just as instruments are intended to offer expression without distraction, Polymer is a new instrument borne of that model.

And along with the other updates, the aim is to extend and focus the musician’s workflow when doing sound design, editing, and offering a world of wavetable. Welcome to Bitwig Studio 3.3.

The Bitwig Studio 3.3 release is planned for Q4, 2020. It is a free upgrade to everyone with an active Upgrade Plan for Bitwig Studio. Polymer and the new modulators (Vibrato and Ramp) are also part of Bitwig Studio 16-Track.

The Bitwig Studio 3.3 Beta is available for download as of today. Everyone with an active Bitwig Studio upgrade plan has access and is invited to download the installer from their account.

More information: Bitwig