Bitwig has announced the release of Bitwig Studio 3.3, the latest version of its music production software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Previously in beta, the update comes with the new Polymer hybrid modular synthesizer, a new wavetable module, new modulators, updated device and additions to the grid, and lots more.

Modularity means many things, but its main advantages is to offer the producer the right tool at the right time.

Just as instruments are intended to offer expression without distraction, Polymer is a new instrument borne of that model. And along with the other updates, the aim is to extend and focus the musician’s workflow when doing sound design, editing, and offering a world of wavetable. Welcome to Bitwig Studio 3.3.

Bitwig Studio 3.3 is now available as a free update to everyone with an active Upgrade Plan. Polymer and the new modulators (Vibrato and Ramp) are also part of Bitwig Studio 16-Track.

New users can purchase Bitwig Studio at up to $100 USD off during the Winter Special, which is limited to January 10th, 2021.

More information: Bitwig