After a short beta phase, Bitwig has announced the availability of Bitwig Studio 4.2, featuring new choruses, flangers, phasers, and Note Grid.

Bitwig has also introduced a new sound package that showcases the new sound design possibilities with Note Grid.

Notes truly are signals in Bitwig Studio, and Note Grid is just the newest way to set notes in motion. The Notes In Motion package includes 30+ patches that generate music, reimagine arpeggiators, sequencers and note repeaters, and offer modular drum interfaces, and more.

You can load them into your Instrument track as Note Grid presets (these have a blue Note FX icon) and feed the output of processed notes into the Instrument of your choice.

36 Instrument Presets come ready to make sound as Note FX devices embedded in FX slots, with handy Remotes already mapped. There are also 31 Bitwig note clips for melodies, chords and leads with pitch FX to provide a quick and easy way to get going with Notes In Motion.

Bitwig Studio 4.2 is a free upgrade to everyone with an active Upgrade Plan for Bitwig Studio. All the new features except the sound package ‘Notes in Motion’ can also be explored in our new 30-day trial version.

More information: Bitwig