Bitword EXPANSE for Reason 4

Bitword has released EXPANSE for Reason 4, a collection of multi-sampled 24bit waveforms that can be played as instruments, used as drones, or to create tonal beds.

Some touching on the traditional, others exploring the surreal or etherial, but never too close to the mundane, and never too far away that they loose the listeners connection.

EXPANSE Reason 4 features

  • 1 GB of 24bit multi-samples: 133 NN-XT Instrument Patches, 145 Combinator Patches.
  • Custom built Combinator patches that allow for expressive control over the timbre, envelope, space, motion, and other variables in relation to the structure of the patch.
  • Each Combinator category has a unique backdrop for quick and easy identification.
  • All patches are programmed with modulation wheel support.
  • All patches are broken down into the following categories:
    1. COMBINATOR: Fast Attack – Slow Attack – Variant.
    2. NN-XT: Fast Attack – Pads – String Hybrids – Vocal – Weird.

EXPANSE ReFill for Reason 4 is available for download for $89 USD.

Visit Bitword for more information and audio demos.