Bitword Oxide Kits Volume 2 for Reason 4

Bitword has released Oxide Kits Volume Two for Reason 4 or greater.

It’s back! Recorded in places you wouldn’t want to visit alone, and hand picked from several years of harvesting, Oxide Kits Volume 2 is nearly three times the size of its predecessor. Weighing in at just over 1 Gigabyte, and just under 3,000 samples in 24 bit / 44.1 khz wav format, these are more than just drum kits..

As a composer, Oxide Kits Volume 2 will offer inspiration with percussive oddities, and musical noises, but it will also serve sound design needs as a stinger, and impact creation tool for film, television, and multimedia production. Playing a chord can often leave quite an impact. Mapped for the NN-XT, ReDrum, and custom Combinators, these kits are ready to be played, or further manipulated. Just a few envelope or pitch changes can lead to a whole new feel, and fit perfectly into your current project. With that in mind, a great deal of care was taken to make them useful as is, and what you hear in the audio demos is raw, unmastered output, created by using different kits from this collection.

A healthy dose of Analog drums, and processed hits are included, to complete the electro-organic feel. All wet reverberated hits, are also provided dry in other kits too. Some sounds are also created through processes, and this fixes everything together to create a unique hybrid sounding collection.

If you are looking for an electro-organic drum solution, or just want to expand your sonic pallet, these kits will thud – stomp and clank your problems away.

Oxide Kits Volume 2 features

  • Uncompressed Wav Data: 2,928 files / 24 / 44.1 – 1.02 Gig.
  • NN-XT Kits: 48 (61 hits per kit).
  • ReDrum Kits: 32
  • 78 Combinator Kits:
    • Regular Combinator Kits: 48
    • Stacked Combinator Kits: 20
    • Weird Combinator Kits: 8
    • ReDrum Combinator Kits: 2
  • Reason ReFill: Uncompressed – 1.02gb, Compressed ReFill – 608mb, Zipped ReFill – 608mb.

Oxide Kits Volume 2 is available for the introductory price of $59 USD until the end of October ($20 USD off the regular price). Owners of Oxide Kits Volume 2 MultiFormat can crossgrade for $10 USD.

More information: Bitword